10月27日(土) E-MEGALEV(sax.加藤雄一郎、bass.tatsu(from レピッシュ)、drums.オータコージ)@千駄木Bar Isshee

中国からのRed Scarfと千駄木Bar Issheeで対バンです。投げ銭制。

【東京 千駄木Bar Isshee】

open 19:30 / start 20:00

・Red Scarf Li Xing (g)+Lao Dan (wind instruments)+Deng Boyu (perc)

・E-MEGALEV 加藤雄一郎(sax)+tatsu(ba)+オータコージ(ds)


千駄木Bar Isshee

中国からRed Scarfの来日です。

「Red Scarf consists of members Li Xing (guitar), Lao Dan (wind instruments) and Deng Boyu (percussion). Based on a shared understanding of sound, time and space, and structure, they carved out a stereophonic, immersive soundscape where a wild, raw, rugged noise aesthetic is perfectly married to and balanced by sweeping, all-devouring dark tonal swirls. Emerging from their painstaking quests and experiments of music-a never-ending succession of creation, destruction, re-construction, and de-construction- is a type of music that is fully charged with emotions and capable of delivering mighty assaults on one’s senses. With its one foot firmly set in music aesthetic and the other in social reality, their music thrusts forth scorching yet highly relevant social questions, often in a rhetoric of black humor.

Their first CD album, Red Scarf, was released by Modern Sky under the label BADHEAD in January 2016. The recording comprises of over 40 minutes of improvised performance. Echoing with their singular, outlandish music style, the four pieces included in the album each bears quaint-looking ancient Chinese character as its title. Together, they make up a kaledeidoscopic auditory journey: we are first greeted by sounds of metal collisions from China cymbals, followed by high-pitched shrills of suona and reed whistles, which, in turn, abruptly give way to a dynamic, crisp ensemble of guitar, drum and saxophone. The latter then transitions to bamboo flute and vocal, which gives off an Eastern cult aura. Then, in a drastic change of tempo, explodes free jazz and intrudes noise produced by electronic synthesizers…Such whimsical, wildly inventive music arrangement is undergirded by the band members’ solid command of music theories and instrumental techniques.

The band’s second album, They know that we know that they are lying, was released under the same label in May 2016. This album provides further evidence of the vitality and dark humor of this youthful band. Despite the absurd, nonsensical sounding titles, the pieces in the album deal sharp, spot-on blows on the fickleness of the world and the crooked, shady side of human nature. Here, experimentalism is no longer hollow or elusive. Rather, every note decisively hits on the right spots of one’s sensory nerves.

Assimilating such diverse stylistic elements as experimental rock, free jazz, math rock, funk metal, hardcore rock, Red Scarf is and will remain THE group of vigorous, spirited “young pioneers” of the Chinese avant garde music scene.」